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    PDB 1kx4-1mav
    PDB 1mb0-1nvm
    PDB 1nxd-1pj2
    PDB 1pj3-1r8b
    PDB 1r8c-1tc2
    PDB 1tei-1vby
    PDB 1vew-1xid
    PDB 1xie-1za0
    PDB 1zao-2ah9
    PDB 2akw-2brl
    PDB 2bvl-2dvb
    PDB 2dvd-2g38
    PDB 2g4i-2ify
    PDB 2iie-2mnr
    PDB 2muc-2p9a
    PDB 2pal-2r21
    PDB 2r22-2vqr
    PDB 2vs3-2z87
    PDB 2zad-3bso
    PDB 3bu0-3e7b
    PDB 3e8q-3g82
    PDB 3gbc-3ilm
    PDB 3ioi-3lp0
    PDB 3lp1-3n25
    PDB 3n37-3pvb
    PDB 3py5-3tmy
    PDB 3twz-4e5f
    PDB 4e5g-8icv
    PDB 8icw-9xim

Manganese in PDB, part 7 (301-350), PDB files 1mb0 - 1nvm

Experimental structures of coordination spheres of Manganese (Mn) in bioorganic molecules from X-Ray and NMR experiments. Coordination spheres were calculated with 5.0 Angstroms radius around Manganese atoms.
PDB files 301-350 (1mb0 - 1nvm):
  1. 1mb0 - Crystal Structure of the Response Regulator Divk At pH 8.0 in Complex With MN2+
  2. 1mhp - Crystal Structure Of A Chimeric ALPHA1 Integrin I-Domain in Complex With the Fab Fragment of A Humanized Neutralizing Antibody
  3. 1mih - A Role For Chey Glu 89 in Chez-Mediated Dephosphorylation of the E. Coli Chemotaxis Response Regulator Chey
  4. 1mjh - Structure-Based Assignment Of the Biochemical Function Of Hypothetical Protein MJ0577: A Test Case of Structural Genomics
  5. 1mm8 - Crystal Structure of TN5 Transposase Complexed With Me Dna
  6. 1mng - Structure-Function in E. Coli Iron Superoxide Dismutase: Comparisons With the Manganese Enzyme From T. Thermophilus
  7. 1mnp - Manganese Peroxidase
  8. 1mq9 - Crystal Structure of High Affinity Alphal I Domain With Ligand Mimetic Crystal Contact
  9. 1mqw - Structure of the Mt-Adprase in Complex With Three MN2+ Ions and Ampcpr, A Nudix Enzyme
  10. 1mr2 - Structure of the Mt-Adprase in Complex With 1 MN2+ Ion and Amp-Cp (A Inhibitor), A Nudix Enzyme
  11. 1mrr - Substitution of Manganese For Iron in Ribonucleotide Reductase From Escherichia Coli. Spectroscopic and Crystallographic Characterization
  12. 1msd - Comparison Of the Crystal Structures of Genetically Engineered Human Manganese Superoxide Dismutase and Manganese Superoxide Dismutase From Thermus Thermophilus. Differences in Dimer-Dimer Interactions.
  13. 1muc - Structure of Muconate Lactonizing Enzyme At 1.85 Angstroms Resolution
  14. 1muh - Crystal Structure of TN5 Transposase Complexed With Transposon End Dna
  15. 1mur - TN5 Transposase: 20MER Outside End 2 Mn Complex
  16. 1mus - Crystal Structure of TN5 Transposase Complexed With Resolved Outside End Dna
  17. 1muw - The 0.86 Angstrom Structure of Xylose Isomerase
  18. 1mvo - Crystal Structure of the Phop Receiver Domain From Bacillus Subtilis
  19. 1mvq - Cratylia Mollis Lectin (Isoform 1) in Complex With Methyl-Alpha-D- Mannose
  20. 1mwh - Reovirus Polymerase LAMBDA3 Bound to Mrna Cap Analog
  21. 1n0j - The Structure Of Human Mitochondrial MN3+ Superoxide Dismutase Reveals A Novel Tetrameric Interface of Two 4-Helix Bundles
  22. 1n0n - Catalytic and Structural Effects of Amino-Acid Substitution At HIS30 in Human Manganese Superoxide Dismutase
  23. 1n1h - Initiation Complex of Polymerase LAMBDA3 From Reovirus
  24. 1n1p - Atomic Resolution Structure of Cholesterol Oxidase @ pH 7.4 (Streptomyces Sp. Sa-Coo)
  25. 1n2h - Crystal Structure of A Pantothenate Synthetase From M. Tuberculosis in Complex With A Reaction Intermediate, Pantoyl Adenylate
  26. 1n35 - LAMBDA3 Elongation Complex With Four Phosphodiester Bond Formed
  27. 1n38 - Reovirus Polymerase LAMBDA3 Elongation Complex With One Phosphodiester Bond Formed
  28. 1n3o - Pterocarcpus Angolensis Lectin in Complex With Alpha-Methyl Glucose
  29. 1n3p - Pterocarpus Angolensis Lectin in Complex With Sucrose
  30. 1n3q - Pterocarpus Angolensis Lectin Complexed With Turanose
  31. 1n47 - Isolectin B4 From Vicia Villosa in Complex With the Tn Antigen
  32. 1n4w - Atomic Resolution Structure of Cholesterol Oxidase @ pH 7.3 (Streptomyces Sp. Sa-Coo)
  33. 1n51 - Aminopeptidase P in Complex With the Inhibitor Apstatin
  34. 1n8f - Crystal Structure Of E24Q Mutant of Phenylalanine-Regulated 3-Deoxy-D-Arabino-Heptulosonate-7-Phosphate Synthase (Dahp Synthase) From Escherichia Coli in Complex With MN2+ and Pep
  35. 1nb6 - Hc-J4 Rna Polymerase Complexed With Utp
  36. 1nb7 - Hc-J4 Rna Polymerase Complexed With Short Rna Template Strand
  37. 1ncy - Troponin-C, Complex With Manganese
  38. 1nfs - Structure and Mechanism Of Action of Isopentenylpyrophosphate-Dimethylallylpyrophosphate Isomerase: Complex With Nipp
  39. 1nfz - Structure and Mechanism Of Action of Isopentenylpyrophosphate-Dimethylallylpyrophosphate Isomerase: Complex With Eipp
  40. 1nhx - Pepck Complex With A Gtp-Competitive Inhibitor
  41. 1nkh - Crystal Structure of Lactose Synthase Complex With Udp and Manganese
  42. 1nki - Crystal Strucure of the Fosfomycin Resistance Protein A (Fosa) Containing Bound Phosphonoformate
  43. 1nls - Concanavalin A and Its Bound Solvent At 0.94A Resolution
  44. 1nnr - Crystal Structure of A Probable Fosfomycin Resistance Protein (PA1129) From Pseudomonas Aeruginosa With Sulfate Present in the Active Site
  45. 1nom - Dna Polymerase Beta (Pol B) (E.C., 31-Kd Domain; Soaked in the Presence of MNCL2 (5 Millimolar)
  46. 1noy - Dna Polymerase (E.C. Complex
  47. 1nr0 - Two Seven-Bladed Beta-Propeller Domains Revealed By the Structure Of A C. Elegans Homologue of Yeast Actin Interacting Protein 1 (AIP1).
  48. 1nu5 - Crystal Structure of Pseudomonas Sp. P51 Chloromuconate Lactonizing Enzyme
  49. 1nvk - T4 Phage Bgt in Complex With Udp and A MN2+ Ion At 1.8 A Resolution
  50. 1nvm - Crystal Structure of A Bifunctional Aldolase-Dehydrogenase : Sequestering A Reactive and Volatile Intermediate


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